Thursday, March 29, 2012

Andrew Sullivan

Somehow I feel like Andrew Sullivan is doing more Atheist bating, since his friend Hitchens has passed on, with article such as:

1) Why Can't Atheists Organize?
2) Do Atheists need to come out?

So, basically... can we not organize? More to the point we don't have an agenda that we need to advance, so we really don't need to organize.  There are plenty of secular organizations out there, but being secular doesn't make them Atheist.

Do Atheists need to come out?  What does that even mean?  I agree that it helps you mentally to stop lying to yourself and others about your beliefs or lack thereof.  And if you can explain those thoughts to other people, so much the better.  A good honest debate can really help clear your thoughts.  But I think he's thinking that Atheists need to both come out and organize, and for the life of me I cannot imagine what that's about.

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