Monday, February 16, 2009

Evil Giants

This is precisely the case that we are talking about. Pascal's wager in a nutshell.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


"God created sex. Priests created marriage."- Voltaire
or not... S.A.

If it were not for the church we would have have a Valentine's day to celebrate, and maybe we'd be all the better off for that.

Friday, February 13, 2009


There really is no scientific argument against the evolution at this point. There hasn't been for many decades. There are religious and cultural arguments against it, but not scientific arguments and certainly not scientific evidence against it. So where we are today is we have religious and cultural "leaders" hoping to wrap themselves in opposition to evolution in order to gain power of the poorly educated masses. The dumb leading the dumb.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Let it go

You should fear losing your religion. Once it is lost, it is lost for good. But also for the better. All those things they tell you about going to hell, about having no morality, about being empty and bitter and having no joy. That's what they have to tell themselves about us. They have to fear the great transition from believer to unbeliever. To build this artificial barrier. This barrier to competition. But once you give those things up, one by one, realize you're not going to hell, that you've always been the master of your own morality, that you are more full of joy and full of life than ever before, that you can let go of empty promises of an afterlife that is never going to happen and live in the moment. You can be at peace. No guilt. And the best part? You can still pray and mediate and whatever else you want to do and nobody is going to judge you. Prayer and meditation work to calm the spirit even if you don't believe in the deity that you might be praying to. I've been known to use phrases like "god damn it", "lord only knows", and "amen to that", because I like the way they sound. They have a place in the language. So even though billions of smarter people than me have found excuses or reasons for wanting to believe, just take my advice and let it go. You'll be happier that you did.