Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tex us puh leeze

Texas School Board says (by way of discovery institute) ...students to examine the "strengths and weaknesses" of scientific theories in order to strengthen students' critical thinking skills.

See, I am absolutely for the idea that students should strengthen their critical thinking skills. I know that I should strengthen mine as well, as far as that goes. And this is why I completely agree that students, especially those in Texas, should examine the strengths and weaknesses of scientific theories. Very few of us understand the degree of critical thinking that goes into proper scientific method, and if we did understand we would hopefully see things in a clearer light, one that can lead to true progress. So comparing something built on critical thinking, such as the current scientific body of work, against something that is not at all built on critical thinking, this might just strengthen America's future. And more importantly, the result of such an examination, leading to honed critical thinking skills for
the Texas student population that , would inexorably show the so called holy books for what they are, nothing other than myth and superstition. So given that, let's do battle in Texas.

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